About Us

My name is James and I am dad to two amazing boys, Freddie (2.5 years) and Tommy (6 months) and husband to my beautiful wife Rachel. We are also proud dog parents to Henry, our four legged vacuum cleaner.

As you know being a parent is the most amazing thing but, at times, it can be challenging, at least that’s what I have found. One of the toughest times, and most trying,
can be meal times.

We've all been there - staring down at a flipped plate on the floor, food splattered everywhere, with a triumphant toddler smile.  Or we face the ultimate standoff with a tot who just won't eat, no matter how fun we make the airplane spoon sound.

After trying every trick in the book, from train choo-choos to catchy tunes, and after a hours of searching for the perfect solution turned up empty, I thought there has to be a better way. I decided to use my background in product design and sourcing to craft a solution. I knew it needed the functionality that I needed but I also needed to get it signed off by my wife in terms of looks. With her creative and art background that was not so easy! After testing countless materials bamboo emerged as the standout choice—durable, eco-friendly, and looked great in any home, a refreshing change from the usual cheaper looking plastic plates we are all used to.

The real test? Would it get Freddie and Tommy's seal of approval. Once I introduced my bamboo-based designs to my boys, their engagement with mealtime changed instantly, they loved them, and we loved that, finally, the plates stayed where they were supposed to. Much to our dog Henry's disappointment, as there were far less scraps to scavenge!

Thus BamBamKidz was born. I hope our products will make your mealtimes a little easier and more fun when you get them into your homes. I know your home is a very special place so it means the world to us that our products can bring a little more joy into them.

We love hearing from you so please get in touch if you have any questions about anything, designs you would like to see or even if you want to tell us a funny parenting story. As a parent I know how amazing it can be and also tough so just revel in the good times and breathe through the challenging times as at the end of the day we love our kids more than anything and wouldn't change them for the world.